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WEEK 37 UPDATE - November 22 - 29

Members and Friends of The Spring Community Church

Our weekly online activities are as follows:

Member and Friends, In keeping with the recent announcement from the Premier, effective Sunday, November 28 2020 to Sunday, December 20, 2020 only 10 people will be allowed at church. These are the individuals involved with the service. Please join us online. Registration for service is now suspended. We thank you for your cooperation. We will and must continue in prayer during these unprecedented times. - Pastor S. Pringle, Lead Pastor, TSCC

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2020 10:30 am


We continue to provide Sunday Morning Service at 10:30 am on our

YouTube Channel. Simply search for The Spring Community Church and hit subscribe.


Dial 647 374 4685 OR 647 558 0588 (Canadian numbers)

Meeting ID: 829 5428 2943 Password: 392061


We will continue to implement the health standards and protocols required for social distancing and safety at The Spring Community Church.

Monday, November 23, 2020

PRAYER MEETING at 8 pm with Deacon Richard Smith


Prayer Conference phone #: 647 360 4694 ~~ Access number 239933326#

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Women's Day Morning Prayer

We are ON THE RISE at 6 am for Prayer – "Intercessory Prayer"

Call prayer conference phone #: 647 360 4694 ~~ Access number 239933326#



BIBLE STUDY with Pastor Audley Lawrence, Director and Teacher, Spring Training Institute

Topic: The Impact of One Life Read: Esther 9:20 - Esther 10

In lesson 9 we read of the resounding victory of the Jews over those who sought to destroy them. The tables were indeed turned on those allied with Haman, as all the men who sought to dominate and destroy the Jews were themselves destroyed. As part of the finishing touch of this victory, the bodies of Haman's sons were also hung up on their father's gallows to demonstrate to all the seriousness of rebelling against the king. The dead were tailed, and the Jews, at last, had rest from those who tormented them all of those years. The Jews celebrated with great feasting and joy, enjoying a holiday or better, a good day in which they honored God and gave of themselves to others. Yet there was a potential problem brewing, because the Jews outside of Susa celebrated on one day, while those in Susa celebrated the next day.

This final lesson will show us how this possible conflict was logically solved, and how the Feast of Purim became memorialized officially. It will close with a glimpse at both Esther and Mordecai, and show us what impact a solitary life can have on their world.

Guided Questions:

1. How will God take care of the poor who have nothing or no one else to help them? (Read: Psalms 16:5-11; Matthew 5:3)

2. Why was the feast of Purim named in such a way (v.26)?

3. What did Esther and Mordecai do to further establish this feast (v.29)?

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2020, at 6 pm


The first of our 5th Sunday evening Musical and Inspirational Readings

Directors: Minister Audrey Smith and Rev. Effery Flood

Featuring TSCC Praise & Worship Team, Drama Team, Musicians, Artists and our Best in Talents


PARENTS: Weekly Resources & Downloads are available for your child/ children - visit


Have you ever thought about everything God has done for you? He made a way to rescue you through Jesus' death and resurrection. When you remember that, you can be thankful—always.


Week Four Nov 22

Elementary: The Story of the Workers in the Vineyard — Matthew 20:1-15

BOTTOM LINE: Adjust your attitude.

Preteens: The Story of the Workers in the Vineyard — Matthew 20:1-15

KEY QUESTION: What is keeping you from being grateful?

"Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever." Psalm 136:1, NIrV

Preschool/Toddler: Please visit the Parent Cue Youtube channel for Sunday at home videos. Every Sunday there will be new Bible stories/lessons for your little ones.

November 2020 Theme: Thankful Tree

When we say thank You to God, we are acknowledging all the good and perfect gifts He has given us. Food, family, the people who help us—these are all daily reminders of our good, good, God.


Week Four Nov 22: Nehemiah Builds a Wall * — Nehemiah 1–6

BOTTOM LINE: GOD IS GOOD. "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good." Psalm 107:1, NIV


Thank You for Your GIFT

Giving is an important part of our worship. Owing to several requests to give we are providing the following options:

1: Please contact Treasurer, Deacon Gray at cell # 647-290-8643

2: You may etransfer your tithes, offerings and "Other" special donation to In the MESSAGE area please specify if it is your Tithe, Offering, or to donate to a Ministry such as Children, Missions (Home/Foreign) Music, Pastoral Team (Love Offering), Pointmen Ministries, Women on the Rise, Youth. Your contact: Finance Office Coordinator - Karon Cross ph: 416-604-3447 ext 221.

3: Credit/Visa Debit - Give via Credit Card/ Visa Debit on website by filling out the form provided.

4: Please mail your cheques to The Spring Community Church, 2431 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto M6N 1K9.

5: You may also, request having stamped address envelopes sent to you. This envelope will have 3 stamped address envelopes enclosed for the mailing of your tithes. Your current mailing address must be confirmed with Administration.

Thank YOU, Father, for accepting these tithes and offerings today. We love you, Lord!




The Spring Community Church is a charitable organization that solicits donated food for the needy in our community.

As we approach the Christmas Season

we are calling on our members to help restock our Food Bank with non-perishable items

that will be packed in our Christmas Baskets and distributed to families in need at Christmas on Sunday, December 13th.

Your financial contributions of any amount are also appreciated.

Your contacts: Deacon Richard Smith and Minister Dockie Morgan

Christmas Home Mission Drive

Your contacts:

  • Deacon Richard Smith

  • Minister Dockie Morgan

We are also calling on you to share the warmth of Christmas by donating warm winter items to those in need and to those in the Shelter.

Please donate new or lightly used winter scarfs • gloves • jackets • hats • socks

Please submit your donations on or before December 13, 2020

This is a Special Christmas Project


To Africa with Love

Embracing our African Mission Fields with Love

Give the Lasting and Meaningful Gift of Helping Others in Need.

from The Spring Community Church

To Africa with Love Project is a

Christmas project that supports:

· Pastors in East Africa to ensure that they and their families have a Christmas meal.

· The Orphanage receives a financial contribution to help in providing gifts and Christmas Dinner for the children

Through your kindness, this project will continue to be well received.

This is your opportunity to join God in His mission in Africa.

You can sponsor a family with as little as $20.

This is another Special Christmas Project.

Tax receipts are available for donations.


Please submit your donations on or before Sunday, December 13, 2020 to the Business Office and/ or Pastor Griffiths.


Let's stay focus "God is in the midst of us and we are reminded to FEAR not."

Please stay safe and healthy.

Pastoral Team

Rev. Dr. Sophia Pringle, Lead Pastor; Rev. Audley Lawrence, Associate Pastor;

Rev. Eunice Griffiths, Associate Pastor; Rev. Sean Fraser, Associate Pastor

Administration Department

New Email Address:

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