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WEEK 18 UPDATE July 12 - 19

Members and Friends of The Spring Community Church

Our weekly activities on the conference line are as follows:

Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Spring Community Church is reopened.  We can accommodate 35 individuals at our 10:30 am service.  Reminder - Please register your attendance on a weekly basis on or before Friday pm with Sis. Olive Parkins Smith. Phone 905-450-9987.  Your Dress Code for the Summer – Casual Attire.

We continue to provide Sunday Morning Service on Facebook live at 10:30 am and/or at

"Joy No Matter What Comes" A 10-week sermon series on a journey through the book of Philippians begins TODAY!

NEW.....A teaching series is also offered to Hope Groups.

Hope Group Leaders will continue the study of this message as they meet with their Group this week. You will need a copy of the study guide  (Joy No Matter What Comes)  to participate with your Group Members in this study.

If you are not on a Hope Group, please call the Director.

For more information please call

Minister J. Squire, Director, Hope Group T: 647 915 8886


with Pastor Eunice Griffiths on the Conference Line

Monday, July 13, 2020


with Sister Evan Larmond. It is time to gather online and PRAY.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at  7:30 pm on Zoom  or the Conference Line

Pastor A. Lawrence, Associate Pastor, Teacher, & Director of Christian Education

Topic: Stop Defaming Others     

Text: James 4:11-12

Defaming others is wrong because:

1. We are family   v11

2. The law teaches against it    v11

3. God speaks against it   v11

4. It reflects how we view ourselves    v12

Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 8 pm - 9 pm

A Combined meeting will be held with Hope Groups 2 and 9. The first chapter in Joy No Matter What Comes will be taught. Please have your bible & study guide with you. Sign in at 7:50 pm.

Sunday, July  19, 2020  

We continue to provide Sunday Morning Service on Facebook live at 10:30 am and/or at "Joy No Matter What Comes" ...sermon series continues


with Deacon Ethan Larmond


PARENTS: Weekly Resources & Downloads are available for your child/ children - visit - Activities for Children.



Please help us serve our community by giving non-perishable items to TSCC Food Bank. We will arrange for drop off or pick up soon.

Contact your Food Bank Directors if you require any further information:

Minister Earl Morgan & Deacon Richard Smith

For URGENT Food Bank needs please contact Minister Morgan at 416-271-9109. 


Thank You for Your GIFT

Giving is an important part of our worship. Owing to several requests to give we are providing the following options:

1:  Please contact Treasurer, Deacon Gray at cell # 647-290-8643 

2: You may e-transfer your tithes, offerings and "Other" special donation                  to

 In the MESSAGE area please specify if it is your Tithe, Offering, or to donate to a Ministry such as Children, Missions (Home/Foreign) Music, Pastoral Team (Love Offering), Pointmen Ministries, Women on the RiseYouthYour contact:  Finance Office Coordinator - Karon Cross  ph: 416-604-3447 ext 221.

3:  Credit/Visa Debit  - Give via Credit Card/ Visa Debit on the website by filling out the form provided.  

4:  Please mail your cheques to The Spring Community Church, 2431 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto M6N 1K9.

5:   You may also request having stamped address envelopes sent to you. This envelope will have 3 stamped address envelopes enclosed for the mailing of your tithes. Your current mailing address must be confirmed with Administration.

Thank YOU, Father, for accepting these tithes and offerings today. We love you, Lord!



· Please join us by calling 647 360 4694

· Your access number is 239933326#

Conference Call Etiquette

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study will begin promptly at the scheduled times, therefore, we recommend that you call into the  Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. 

Ø If You Are Late, Don't Announce Yourself

Ø Use your Mute button - OR Use The Mute & Unmute Code *#6

Ø Identify Yourself Whenever You Speak

Ø Allow One Person To Speak At A Time

Ø Do Not Put The Conference Line On Hold


For URGENT Food Bank needs please contact Minister Morgan at 416-271-9109. 


Let's stay focus "God is in the midst of us and we are reminded to FEAR not." 

Please stay safe and healthy.

Administration Department

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