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🎉Happy Anniversary to The Spring Community Church🎉

We are indeed Better Together

We became The Spring Community Church on Sunday, August 11, 2019

Better Together

Is your smile bigger, your laughter stronger, feel you made the right move, mixing and mingling more, Just loving what God is doing among us – truly we are Better Together!

We thank God for our dedicated and faithful Pastoral Team

· Rev. Dr. Sophia Pringle, Lead Pastor – Women’s Ministries

· Rev. Audley Lawrence, Associate Pastor – Christian Education, Discipleship

· Rev. Eunice Griffiths, Associate Pastor – Member Care, Prayer and Seniors Ministries

· Rev. Sean Fraser, Associate Pastor- Youth, Children and Men’s Ministries

Presiding Bishop of the Church of God of Prophecy Eastern Canada – Bishop Woodroe Thompson

We take this time to salute our:-

Ministers: Minel Austin, Icylin Bowen, Bishop Alvin Campbell, Hyacinth Campbell, Christine Edwards, Effery Flood, Sonia Hamright, Bishop Martin, Dockie Morgan, Claris Morris, Audrey Smith, Olga Pellington, Patricia Simmons, Janice Squire, Damian Robinson, Denroy Robinson,

Deacons: Winston Gray, Desmond Griffiths, Winston Howell, Rodney Pringle, Richard Smith,

Deaconess: Edna Brown, Iris Taylor

Hope LeadersJanice Squire & Marcia Plummer(Directors) Minel Austin, Dwayne Allen,Vashni & Freda Burton, Clover Cross, Christine Edwards, Edress Edwards, Meryl Frank, Effery & Sheila Flood, Dahlia Fraser, Minerva Francis, Lola Grant, Royenia Goode, Veronica Muir, Livine McCalla, Yvonne Neckles, Amy Peters, Olga Pellington, Marcia Plummer, Marjorie Rochester, Denroy Robinson, Janett Sharpe, Richard and Pauline Smith, Justina Tate, Linda & Seymour Thomas

Financial Officers: Karon Cross (Chairperson) Winston Gray(Treasurer) Earl Morgan, Volney Narcisse,

Rodney Pringle, Richard Smith, Iris Taylor

Music & Worship Leaders: Keshia Marsh - Director, Rachael Christie, Bonny Coke, Rose Coombs, Marina Guadagnoli, Sonia Hamright, Beverly Kelly, Noreen Williams

Jason Larmond Sonia Levy, Ameera McIntosch, Jonathan Whitton

Ministry Workers: Administration, Baptismal Assistants, First-Aid Volunteers, Insurance Task Person, Legal Task Person, Lord’s Supper Preparation Ministry Team, Board & Finance Committee, Children’s Ministries Directors and Team, Nursery Coordinators, Couples, Creative Arts Team, Decoration Coordinators, Costume Designer/Seamstress, Benevolence & Bereavement Team, Visitation Team, Visitor Follow-Up Assistant (Callers), Offering Counters, Special Events Committee, Stewardship Coordinators, Hospitality Coordinators - Greeters/Ushers, Parking Attendants, Leadership Development Director and Team, The Spring Training Institute Team, Library, Information Systems Technicians, Public Relations, Audio Visual Technicians, Social Media Manager, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Editor/Writer, Men's Ministries Directors, Home Missions Coordinators, Foreign Missions Coordinators, Prayer Clinic Director and Team, Watchmen Prayer Director and Team (SSU), Senior Ministries Director and Team, Women’s Ministries Directors and Team, Pastoral Oversight Team, Youth Director and Team, COVID 19 Team and all Members and Visitors.


Our celebration service will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 10:30 am. We celebrate the goodness of God upon His Church.

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